John Grifonetti

John Grifonetti

Investor/Owner at 5kount Clothing and several car Dealerships in New Jersey.

works to invest in small businesses

For the past 10 years, John Grifonetti has been a business and real estate investor. While his initial intention when he left his full-time job was to retire, his restless and creative business mind had other ideas.

At the start of John Grifonetti’s career, he was a CPA and ran an online brokerage firm, acting as its president and COO. He went on to work as an interdealer broker that specialized in credit default swaps. About 10 years ago, he went into semi-retirement and has been investing ever since.

With his business knowledge, John Grifonetti works to invest in small businesses and personally helps them grow with his vast experience in understanding markets, innovating products, and bringing the best out of his staff.

At this point in time, John Grifonetti’s diverse investment portfolio includes a sports apparel company, a car dealership, and various real estate projects. He is always looking for new business opportunities. He currently lives with his family in Old Tappan, New Jersey.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit earlier last year, few people anticipated the depth of its impact on the economy. The clothing industry saw a decline in demand for new garments as more and more people started working from home. But, if office clothes were going out of fashion, so to speak, the demand for masks was on the rise. And many in the clothing industry saw a great business opportunity in, otherwise, difficult times.

At one point or another, most people have considered renting space at a self-storage facility. Whether additional space is necessary because of a move or just as an extension of personal storage, a storage unit can be useful for many reasons. While most people look at self-storage from the perspective of personal use, they don’t often consider it as an investment opportunity. However, there are many benefits to investing in self-storage, including the fact that this type of investment can be very helpful in diversifying your portfolio.

If you’re in the market for new wheels, you might automatically start searching for gasoline or diesel vehicles. And while the combustion engine has been a reliable choice for decades, there are other factors that can make the choice a bit more challenging, says John Grifonetti, an entrepreneur and car dealership owner in Old Tappan, New Jersey.

Self-storage is becoming increasingly popular across the U.S., especially among generations like millennials. Self-storage units can be extremely helpful for several reasons. However, above all, people choose to rent storage units due to their secure and sheltered locations. As well, self-storage is much more economical than other large-scale storage options.

Investor, entrepreneur and owner at 5kount Clothing, John Grifonetti shares some insight on how the demand for face masks during the Covid-19 Pandemic has had an impact on the clothing industry.